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Release Checklist

For each new release the following tasks should be performed.

Code Quality

  • Check for compiler warnings.
  • Check for missing Javadoc.
  • Run JUnit tests.
  • Check for Sonar findings.


  • Adjust user documentation to new features, update included screen shots.
  • Finalize change log.

Build and Distribution

  • Create Git tag.
  • Run Maven build with mvn clean install in the project as working directory. Also set the following options for bundle signing: jarsigner.keystore (path to JKS file), jarsigner.alias (mtnminds), jarsigner.storepass (keystore password), jarsigner.tsa (, jarsigner.tsacert (mtnminds)
  • Upload update site to Amazon S3 bucket for, adjust ACL for public read access.
  • Rename zipped updates site ( to and upload to Amazon S3 bucket for
  • Add new entry to the download page for file.
  • Adjust version in page template for
  • Adjust eclemmasite/ to point to the new tag to fetch the correct version of user documentation.
  • Publish by running eclemmasite/
  • Increment plug-in's version numbers (MANIFEST.MF and pom.xml).